Automotive Sensor Signal Conditioning IC JHM110X

JHM110X integrated circuit chip is the automotive sensor signal conditioning integrated circuit chip. There are two kinds of products in JHM110X----JHM1101 and JHM1102. The JHM1101 is SOP8, and JHM1102 is MSOP10L. Of course the customized semiconductor packaging could also be chosen. As a digital programmable IC of signal conditioning chip, JHM110X is mainly used in resistance bridge pressure sensors.

JHM110X is a high cost performance differential signal sensor conditioning IC chip, which integrated the 14-bit ADC and 12-bit DAC internally. The gain and input offset of the ADC are both configurable to be set for nearly all resistance bridge sensors. It could correct the offset of zero-point, sensitivity and temperature, and also the nonlinearity over temperature or resistance bridge of the sensor signal by the DSP.

The output pin SO provides selectable 0~1V analog voltage, rail-to-rail radiometric analog output, or digital data with optional temperature data or PWM signal.

Working temperature is from -40~+150°C with high reliability for the automotive sensors, and also other sensors which need the high-level stability.

Easy to use and the calibration could be completed by only two data collections. We provide the auto-calibration system to the customer so as to be more efficient.

Millions of JHM1101/1102 chips have been installed in the customers’ products and we’ve got rich experience about the applications of the JHM110X resistance bridge sensor signal conditioning integrated circuit chips.

JHM110X Block Diagram