High-precision Sensor Signal Conditioning IC JHM1203

JHM1203 is the sensor signal conditioning IC designed for consumer electronics such as the applications of mobiles, Pads, IoT, etc. They could be packaged as SSOP10L.

JHM120X is a high cost performance, high-precision differential signal sensor conditioning IC chip, which has the 24-bit ADC internally. The effective precision of this chip could be 20.5-bit, and the output is IIC signal.

The IC is designed with DSP in it, and offers the second-order compensation for the zero-point deviation, sensitivity deviation, temperature deviation, nonlinearity over temperature or resistance bridge of the sensor signal at the same time. The calibration result is as accurate as 0.1%FSO@-25~85.

Low-power is one of its advantage and the average working current at maximum sampling rate is lower than 0.5mA, the standby current is only 0.1μA.

Millions of JHM120X IC chips have been installed in the customers’ products and we’ve got rich experience about the applications of the JHM120X high precision resistance bridge sensor signal conditioning integrated circuit chips.

JHM120X Block Diagram