High-precision Capacitor Sensor Signal Conditioning IC JHM2000

JHM2000 is a high performance and high precision capacitor sensor signal conditioning IC with 24-bit ADC.

The JHM200X is a CMOS integrated circuit for signal conditioning of capacitive sensors. It works with high cost performance and high precision which integrated the 24-bit ADC in it. The effective precision of this chip could be 20.5-bit. And the output signal could be IIC or SPI.  

With the two capacitor input channels and the internal register configuration, the JHM200X is suitable to connect the signal from single capacitor, differential capacitor or bridge capacitor sensors.

The IC is designed with DSP within it, and offers the second-order compensation for the zero-point deviation, sensitivity deviation, temperature deviation, nonlinearity over temperature or capacitor of the sensor signal at the same time. The calibration result is as accurate as 0.1%FSO@-25~85.

The high precision (±1 after calibration) and high precision (less than 0.01) temperature sensor is integrated in the JHM200X.

Low-power application is one of the targets and the average working current is ~4uA@1Hz ODR.

JHM200X Block Diagram